Effect of Sodium Nitroprussıde in Patients With Detrussor Overactivity

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Detrussor Overactivity, Bladder, Sodium Nitroprusside


Introduction: Detrusor instability is a common cause of urgency and urge incontinence in neurologically normal patients. Nitric oxide, relaxes the smooth muscles of the detrusor, prostate, and urethra.

Aim: We aimed to explain the therapeutic effects of sodium nitroprusside on detrusor overactivity in patients with detrusor overactivity.

Methods: A total of 21 patients with detrussor overactivity have been enrolled in this research. The patients were divided into 3 groups according to their sodium nitroprusside dosage, as low-dose, medium-dose, and high-dose. Hydrostatic pressure in the bladder was measured and at the same time, intra-abdominal pressure was measured with a catheter inserted into the rectum. Cystometry results have been evaluated in terms of sensation (first sensation, first desire, strong desire), detrusor compliance, maximal detrusor pressure, maximal cystometric bladder capacity and instability index parameters.

Results:  No statistical significance has been achieved between nitroprusside groups in terms of first sensation, first desire, and strong desire values (p>0.05). When the patients' maximal detrusor pressure, maximal cystometric bladder capacity and compliance values were interpreted, no significant difference was found between the isotonic and SNP groups and their doses. There was no significant difference between the groups in the duration of contractions. Additionally, no difference has been observed between the groups in the blood pressure values of the patients at the end of the study compared to the baseline.

Conclusion: This study indicated that SNP did not exhibit any positive or negative effects in individuals with detrussor overactivity. The reason for this could be stated as: first, the urothelium acts as a barrier to the passage of sodium nitroprusside and prevents it from reaching the detrusor and the latter may be due to the lack of effect of sodium nitroprusside on detrusor function.


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